The Gift of the Present Moment

One of my favorite quotes goes like this: “Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is a mystery.  Today is a gift.  That’s why it’s called the present.”

It reminds us that all we really have is the present moment.  And that it’s special, something not to be squandered.

You know that feeling when you really connect with someone?  Maybe your child, significant other, friend, family member?  It feels good, really good to make authentic connections and to have moments of being fully engaged.  It’s so easy in today’s world to check out, even in the middle of a conversation.  To check your phone, your FB status, or simply to mentally review the rest of the day’s to-do list.  Being present takes work.  It’s a muscle that needs to be flexed repeatedly.  But the payoff is really a gift.  To yourself and to those with whom you connect.