Thank you Cavs! The epitome of yoga.

Two days ago the Cavs won the NBA championship against so many odds: starting the finals down 3 games, playing out of town, and Cleveland’s seemingly indomitable will to always come up short.  But not any more; the so-called curse is broken.  What made me want to write about this in the Yoga Roots blog was our beloved MVP, LeBron.

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit yuj, which means to yoke.  In other words, bringing things together, cultivating and manifesting union.  Who better exemplifies this principle than LeBron James?

While he caused some dissension in the past, as his Cleveland fans were loathe to see him leave a few years ago, he brought it back and gave this city what so many wanted.  Not just the big win, but a sense of togetherness, of camaraderie, of union.

Whether he takes it to the mat or not, LeBron’s a real deal yogi.  To me, the real yoga happens off our mats.  They way we relate to ourselves, those we love, our communities, and our world.  The yoga mat is the training camp, but life is where the magic happens.  And sometimes, in Oakland against all odds on a Sunday night.