vinyasa flow (all levels)

Vinyasa means literally the connection between breath and movement. All classes synchronize movement with breath, creating a practice that is flowing, intense and athletic. An amazing and challenging workout, Vinyasa Flow is a moderate paced class that allows for simple modifications to find your ideal practice and edge. Come experience the benefits of this fluid and dynamic class. You will feel the changes in your body immediately.


slow burn

Slow Burn is a powerful yoga practice that entails deliberate movements and long holds. Do not confuse slow with easy! This challenging style of yoga is heavily based on safe body alignment and intentional holding for an extended period of time while developing breath and a steady mind. Expect a slower paced class that allows the practitioner to strengthen and lengthen. Occasionally Sun As will be called to shift energy. The room is heated between 85-95 to warm up your muscles and boost flexibility. This class is for all yogis looking to find an edge in their practice!


slow flow

Need to slow it down a little? We have the class that provides the physical benefits of a vinyasa practice while giving the body a more resting flow. An ideal class for active seniors, beginners, and all students looking for a class with a more relaxed pace. Slow Flow provides the setting for those who are stressed out, weakened or fatigued. Allow your body to be supported in different yoga poses, both active and restorative, with conscious breathing bringing balance to one’s energy and a clear calmness to the mind. You will gently stretch in all directions and practice poses to strengthen your body.

yin yoga

All ages and levels benefit from a weekly Yin practice. Yin yoga targets deep connective tissue, fascia and joints, and helps regulate the flow of energy or prana in the body. Though meditative in nature, Yin is not a restorative class. Floor-based poses are held from 1-5 minutes to target all areas of the body including hips, spine and shoulders. It provides balance for those "yang" activities like vinyasa, running, biking, and cross fit, and can improve flexibility for those who want to stave off the aging process--keeping joints and deep tissues supple and flexible. Yin is adaptable and works for all body types and all ages. Props and supports are provided.

slow flow + yin

This all-levels class offers opportunities to find the space between the poses, explore the breath and find deep release through movement in a slowed down flow. Yin postures add gentle stress in longer held, floor based postures. A wonderful opportunity to decompress and find your center at the end of the week.

yoga basics

Designed for the beginner, or perhaps someone coming off injury and trying to get back in the Flow, yoga basics provides the fundamental building blocks to a strong practice. With greater teaching to poses, the flow is considerably slower and incremental. As you build upon your yoga practice, you will find the flexibility and strength to push your basics class to new levels. With an emphasis on the benefits, and necessity, of your breath in yoga, you will become aware of your body and understand how to maximize poses to fit your practice. Like anything, allow yourself several opportunities to experience Yoga Basics so as to fully understand how yoga will work for you. Without exception, it will be transformative.


Settle in for this calming class and give yourself a break, both mentally and physically. Everyone needs a recovery day, and our Restorative Class will provide a little Yin in your life. With a strong awareness of your breath, we use props to aid in stretching your muscles. Select poses are used to settle into alignment. You will leave ready to tackle life’s next challenge.


Meditation is an integral part of the path of yoga. When we meditate we connect to ourselves in a deeper way, we find presence and peace in the mind, and we develop resiliency so we are better prepared for whatever life may throw our way. Come learn how to develop or deepen your meditation practice and experience the benefits in a warm and welcoming group environment.


prenatal and postnatal

Appropriate for all levels of students, our Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga class offers methods to support a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery using movement, relaxation, and breathing practices that promote both strength and ease. Expecting and new mothers will receive valuable practices and education on how to best prepare for and recover from pregnancy and birth. Practices will be offered to alleviate aches and pains common to expecting and new mothers with poses addressing the back, pelvis, core stabilization and neck and shoulders. Within a community of support you will learn tools and techniques for optimizing your pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery and how to feel more centered and balanced.



Our power vinyasa class is designed for someone looking to find more of an edge in their practice.  This class will build a steady, challenging flow with breath and then allow you to explore more physically demanding poses with guidance.  Our Power Flow is meant to be more heat building and invigorating than a traditional vinyasa class. You will leave feeling energized, yet calm.