Our Story

Years now since opening, we are proud to continue to say: We love our spaces. They feel grounded, earthy, and yet truly open to growth. They really lives up to their name Yoga Roots, which holds special meaning for us. We feel honored and incredibly fortunate to have found such ideal spaces in such wonderful communities.

We have been so touched, both individually and as a couple, by our experiences in yoga. It has defined how we approach our relationship, and we relish in the fact that our children will be growing up and exposed to this journey. While yoga was an influence for Kim since 2008, the real transformation took place in 2011 when Kim traveled to Thailand for a yoga retreat, and Scott stayed home to parent their four children and immerse himself into his own new found daily yoga practice. Upon return from Thailand, the energy and sense of needing a deeper yoga practice captured each of our hearts. From there, we endeavor to remain open to the possibilities that life brings us, and to encourage that for our children, who you'll see in and out of the studio all the time. They feel as much a part of this place as we do, and we are extremely grateful that they will grow up surrounded by this supportive and invested community.

We also feel consistently amazed by our teaching team, each of whom has touched us in profound yet different ways. Their energy, chemistry, and talents will reach and inspire a community that is diverse, deep and connected. We are ecstatic to have them represent us and define our future as a studio.

Our ultimate hope and aim is to positively effect people in their daily lives. We want our studios to be places for people of all levels, experiences and ages to come and experience yoga, and to build a lasting and amazingly connected community. In the end, it’s your studio!

Kim & Scott Curtis