Not the status quo

By Sindy Warren

This morning I had the pleasure of taking Cynthia Chylik’s vinyasa class (lucky me!).  She talked about not always sticking with the status quo.  Maybe taking a different (not necessarily harder) variation of a pose than we usually do.  Because doing the same thing, time and time again, is so boring, right?  And doesn’t move us towards growth.  Well, I’m about to get out of my status quo, big time.  And I’m a little nervous about it.

I’ve got a 12 year old daughter.  She’s my only (and she’s the bomb).  I also have two older stepkids whom I love dearly.  My stepson has  two little ones (almost 5 and almost 2), and they are about to come over for an almost 48-hour visit with Safta (grandma in Hebrew, which is what they call me).  Now mind you, my daughter will (mostly) be at school and my husband is out of town on business.  That leaves me.  I’m super excited, as my grandkids are the cutest darned things in the world.  Really, they are.  But to say this is out of my comfort zone is an understatement.

Wish me luck!