Keeping things fresh

The next time you are on your mat, can you try and find something new about the practice?  Maybe the practice is actually new to you.  If that is the case, congratulations! There is so much to discover – new sensations in the body, new poses, and probably new thoughts and feelings in the mind.  Your yoga mat can be a wonderland of new experiences.

For those of us that have been practicing a long time, it can be easy for the time on our mats to become rote.  Oh yes, Warrior II again.  Been there, done that.

Here’s the challenge: find something new about the practice, each and every time you step onto your mat.  With the right mental focus, it’s easier than you might think.  The body is never in stasis.  Neither for that matter is the mind.  Simply set an intention to be open to finding something new.  You might just find an element of childlike wonder on your mat again, or possibly for the first time.