Finding more space on our mats

One of my favorite yogic concepts is that of creating space.  In the body, in the mind, in our lives.  Pausing between postures, noticing the breath, staying without reacting, at least for a few moments.  (I blogged about creating space this past summer, here).  Finishing up the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and heading into the full-blown holiday season has got me thinking about space once again.

This time of year it can be easy to be distracted, to feel like we are running in many different directions all at once.  Lots to do, lots of gifts to buy, lots of work to wrap up before year end, lots of social plans.  All good stuff, but the cumulative effect can make for frayed nerves and unquiet minds.  As yogis, we can try and cultivate space on our mats.  Simply by breathing, by noticing what comes up as we move through the practice, by sharpening our mental focus to stay in the moment without drifting off to what’s next on our lists.  And by beginning again when we notice that we’ve wandered.

We would be well-served to remember that it’s called yoga practice (not yoga perfect) for a reason.  And we can keep coming back to our mats.