A Light Touch

So much of our lives is spent rushing around, trying to get everything done, making mental (or actual) lists and checking them off, and falling into the trap of believing more is more. Work harder, conventional wisdom tells us, and the reward will be all the sweeter. At the same time, stress-related health conditions are at an all-time high.

Are we bringing this “more is more” mentality to our yoga mats too?

For me, and for so many of us I think, often the answer is yes. Go for the hardest variation of the pose. Stay in down dog with my shaking shoulders and quivering thighs, even though I know child’s pose is an option. Take that third wheel pose, when bridge would actually do the trick.

What if we consciously approach our practice with a light touch? Just being a little more gentle with ourselves. This does not mean not working hard. It certainly doesn’t mean foregoing the chance to build strength, flexibility and endurance. It’s simply a subtle shift in the way we approach our time on our mats. Getting away from the notion that more is more. And if we can apply this on our mats, perhaps we can bring this lighter touch into our lives as well.