Our studio is the place to get grounded and find your inner self.  From the ground up-- our floors are cork-lined and radiant-heated so you can root down to rise. Our walls are painted in a calming, neutral white, for you to find external peace and go inside. We have a fantastic sound system, to inspire and motivate you through your practice,  and abundant natural light to help wake you up. Our lofted ceilings are 17' high, allowing expansive room for your physical and mental growth.  If you want comfort and freedom of movement for your practice, this is the place.

We want your experience, from the moment you enter and hopefully long after you leave our studio, to be comfortable and inspiring.  We provide complimentary towels, filtered water and amenities such as a shower (with a heated floor) and changing room so you can transition comfortably in and out of your practice. We also have a variety of yoga essentials for sale in the lobby, such as mats, props, and practice gear for you to bring your practice to the next level.