Yoga Roots is #AllinCLE

Holy moly how about those Cavs?! Truth be told, I’m not a natural sports fan. But what LeBron and the rest of the team are doing here in the NBA Finals is keeping me up at night, literally. I’ll spare you my sports analysis (you’re welcome) and instead share a few thoughts about the community aspect of this historic season. Clevelanders of all stripes are lining up together to support an amazing team pursuing a tremendous goal. Even when the chips are down, enthusiasm and camaraderie can be felt in the 216 and beyond. It’s this sense of community and belonging that lights me up. I feel the same sense when I walk in the front door at YR. Like I’m surrounded by like-minded people with similar motivations. Deepening their yoga practice. Forming community bonds and friendships. And getting their sweat on to boot. The Cavs craziness serves as a nice reminder that it’s important to be part of something bigger than myself and my immediate day-to-day life. Thank you Yoga Roots for providing that sense of community. And Go Cavs!

By Sindy Warren