Ahhh, the comfort of my mat

I’ve been out of the comfort of my routine as of late.  Got hit with a nasty bug that had me out for almost a week, traveling to Miami for a long weekend, and getting ready to head to Israel for 10 days.  I am a routine-lover.  I take comfort in knowing what’s lined up in my day to day life, including (importantly!) when I can make time for my yoga practice.  So I’ve been feeling a little off.  But over the weekend I found a rogue yoga mat at my hotel and made time to practice in my hotel room.  And it felt great.

As soon as I tuck into child’s pose, I breath deeper.  I connect to my breath, to my body, to my soul. It’s almost like a pavlovian response.  It’s like that book by meditation master Jon Kabat-Zinn, “wherever you go, there you are.”  I know for my own sense of well-being, taking even just a few minutes to breath and to engage in the asana practice helps to keep me grounded.  I plan on keeping it up, as best I can, during my upcoming travels.  And in between, I hope to see you all on the mat!