You are about to embark on a Journey of a Lifetime. This experience will change you, build you, and allow you to share the gift of Yoga with the world. Embrace this opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, both physically and mentally.

Yoga Roots has applied to the governing body in the United States, Yoga Alliance, to be recognize as a certified yoga school. While this application is pending, it is merely a matter of when, not if. YR fully expects to have its certification in place prior to the start of this Fall Teacher Training.

Our Mission


Being a teacher is a responsibility. You will be viewed by your students as a leader, a source of inspiration, provider of wisdom, and an authentic representation of what you share. We at Yoga Roots are aiming to ensure we do not lose Yoga in Yoga. What does that mean? Well, in our typical fashion of “westernizing” all things, yoga can become an aerobic experience. Our goal is to empower each of our teacher trainees the find the inner yogi in you, share methods of maintaining yoga in an asana (physical) world, and provide a meaningful, albeit physical class. In the end, it is up to you to bring this to your students. You are their TEACHER!


We realize this is an investment. Both Kim and Scott attended teacher training together and, as a result, understand it doubly. In the end, it is up to you to determine this is your path and to invest in yourself. Our belief is this is not just about teaching, but it is a life changing event. You will wake up every day coming from a different perspective…one that helps you manage your challenges and take advantage of your opportunities. Join us on this amazing life’s walk.

200 Hour CYT

200 Hours is, Well, 200 Hours

You are here because of your interest (or curiosity) about becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor (“CYT”) or, perhaps, deepening your understanding of Yoga and your practice. Everyone’s path is unique, yet powerful. Come make “forever” memories and friendships. We can’t wait to share in your transformation. 200 Hours represents the base level of certification. There are many models on how to achieve this mandatory time commitment, but no matter what, everyone must do a minimum of 200 hours. So how do we structure our teacher training?

Yoga Roots has adopted a format that is intended to be as minimally invasive on one’s outside world while contemporaneously providing the length and attention that is, in our experience, a quality teacher training. We will meet one weekend per month, giving you the balance of the month to apply your knowledge and practice skills you receive.